My heart is one with the black, not the white; with the Jew, not the Nazi; with the Palestinian, not the Israeli; with the Kurd, not the Turk; with the woman, not the man; with the queer, not the straight; with the trans, not the cis; with the oppressed, never the oppressor.


@aral Very binary. Maybe stop thinking of groups of people all together and support individual people based in their own actions..

@alex @aral Indeed. I do get the intention here but we should know better than equating the oppressors from the groups they happen to be in. Yes, some groups do hold priviledges, but we didn't choose to be born to them.

We should bring people together and fight the separating factors. After all, that's the root of our suffering, not the arbitrary categories.

And don't equate what people are born into with what are deliberate choices like Nazism.

@alex @aral Also, it takes more than just being white or being Turk to "enjoy", so to speak, the priviledges. There is also a set of (im)moral choices you have to make. Or else you become yet another "other" pretty fast.

I have ideas about examples and anecdotal stuff but I can't bring them out succintly enough. So I'll suffice to say I feel what you mean to say and agree with it, but I disagree deeply with how you put it. Binary is only good in computers.

@aral @alex Nope, there are systems of oppression independent of individual people's actions.

@alex: Hmmm....I read Aral's comments completely differently. "My heart is one with...." expresses empathy. The list of 'binary' options as you say also have in common as being in the minority, controversial, oppressed, and/or considered not accepted as 'the mainstream'.
Your remark 'stop thinking of groups all together' and instead separate 'individual people in their own actions' ignores context, background, cultural identity, etc. Aral's own site is about human rights...

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